Brookings Built Green, Inc. was founded by Dusten Hendrickson in 2011. Since we started as a company, we have been building stunning modern homes, redesigns, and commercial buildings.

We use high-quality design elements and work closely with industry professionals for each phase of the modern home design and building process. This ensures that each and every project meets our client’s expectations.

At Brookings Built Green, we understand that it can be expensive to build a new home in the ever-changing economy we live in, which is why it is our goal to design and build homes that are affordable. We are happy to provide financing solutions for certain new construction products so that you can make your modern dream home come to life.


The Team


Dusten Hendrickson started building homes in 2004 and then went on to start the company Brookings Built Green, Inc. in 2011. He is a design build contractor who specializes in well designed, energy efficient homes, as well as light commercial spaces. One of his main focuses when designing a home is to enrich and expand living environments by helping homeowners embrace their natural surroundings. His goal is to implement innovative techniques to Eastern South Dakota to bring an updated, modern aesthetic to the area. Dusten partnered up with the South Dakota State University Department of Architecture to build Brookings first certified Passive House. Dusten also loves playing basketball, biking, cooking, and spending time with his wife Shalene and their three kids Aralynn, Aubryn and Beckham.


Anna Rempe grew up in Sioux Falls and graduated from The University of South Dakota in 2013 with her BBA in Accounting. She started her career as the Office Manager for Brookings Built Green in the summer of 2016. She helps deliver outstanding customer service to all the clients that come to Brookings Built Green. She is responsible for all the office procedures and accounting work. She uses her organizational skills to ensure operations run smoothly in the busy work environment. Anna has helped with the implantation of our process for design and for new construction. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Gregg and two girls, Evelyn and Emma. She has two boxers, a cat, and two rabbits. Currently, she is building a house on an acreage in Colman, SD and hopes to be moved in by October of 2019. 


Scottie Lancaster started in the construction business as a teenager in the upper midwest. After high school he attended SDSU for Speech Communications while still working construction. Scottie prides himself on positive communication with those around him. He has a deep affinity for learning new things and refining techniques and processes used on a daily basis. Scottie is a reactor as opposed to an over reactor making him efficient in complicated scenarios.  As an Operations Administrator for Brookings Built Green, Scottie uses green building technology while also implementing his own hip millennial perspective to keep Brookings Built Green fresh. When not working for Brookings Built Green, Scottie enjoys reading, listening to podcasts/talk radio, cookings, and visiting friends & family in Nebraska.


Drew Dertien was born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota & he recently graduated from South Dakota State University with a BFA in Graphic Design. He specializes in graphic design, video editing, photography and social media marketing. Drew has had a passion for design and creativity from a very early age, which is what led him to pursue a career in graphic design as it is a simulating subject that allows him to express his creative side and help contribute to shaping society's visual landscape. Drew believes that Brookings Built Greens' marketing and advertising should be  modern, unique and designed properly to match to their properties. His main objective is to create exciting innovative work that delivers memorable visual messages and provide the public with a modernized style of real estate advertisements.


Shalene Hendrickson began decorating and staging for Brookings Built Green from the start to allow potential homeowners to get a better feel of each unique property. Shay's main focus is lighting and furniture. She believes the most important factors to each of these are to be eclectic - meaning all different styles of lighting and furniture. She enjoys mixing old and new styles so that the space does not become outdated. Her favorite is to add heirloom quality furniture, rugs, and antiques in modern homes for warmth. It's all about the feeling you get when you enter a space. Shay is married to Dusten and they have three children. They have a son on the spectrum and that makes it more difficult to go places, so Shay focuses her time and energy into creating beautiful comfortable spaces for their family to enjoy together. You will also see them on many family bike rides around Brookings.

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